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Expert Tax Tips for Realtors = More $$ In Your Pocket

It’s tax season!  We sat down with tax expert David B. Korcz, CPA to gather some great Tax Tips for all of our realtor  friends!  Here’s what he had to say; Happy New Year Realtors! As the calendar turns over many realtors and small business owners begin the ominous and da

4 New Year Resolutions for Real Estate Agent Success in 2017

Whether you believe in resolutions or not, making a list of action items can help you achieve your goals in 2017! Here are some great items to add to your list as you set goals for the new year, and set yourself up for success! 1- Review your business plan. Now is a great time to thin

How to Be Indispensable

How to Be Indispensable With rapidly changing technologies, and virtually unlimited access to information, agents have to adapt and find unique ways to accommodate their clients’ needs.  Here are a few thoughts about being an indispensable agent. 1. Your marketing strategy. In order t

Embracing Social Media

Almost everyone uses social media these days.  But are you really taking advantage of all it has to offer? Real estate agents are some of the best marketers and networkers in an offline person-to-person environment. You’re gifted at getting to know your clients, getting involved

6 Habits of Top Agents

Just as every person has his or her own style, the same is true for real estate brokers and agents.  So what is it that sets an agent apart? What makes a successful agent? The first thing…passion!  Real estate is hard business and it takes a lot of attention to detail and a comm

Six Habits Of Successful Real Estate Agents

Just about every broker or agent has their own style. Some are extroverts, some are more laid back. Some are fun and flamboyant, some are cool, calm, and collected. So what makes a successful agent? The first thing is always passion. It’s a hard business and it takes a lot of attentio